Download drivers for Leadtek

Leadtek GeForce FX 5500

270Mhz AGP 256Mb 400Mhz 128 bit DVI TV

Leadtek GeForce 6600 GT

500Mhz PCI-E 256Mb 1000Mhz 128 bit 2xDVI TV YPrPb

Leadtek GeForce 6500

350Mhz PCI-E 128Mb 667Mhz 64 bit DVI TV YPrPb

Leadtek GeForce 7300 GS

550Mhz PCI-E 128Mb 700Mhz 64 bit DVI TV YPrPb

Leadtek GeForce 6200 TC

350Mhz PCI-E 128Mb 400Mhz 64 bit DVI TV YPrPb
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This section contains the most popular drivers for video cards Leadtek required for maximum efficiency and smooth operation of the computer. To download the driver, just select your card model and follow the installation instructions.